Zhumell Z114 114mm Reflector Dobsonian Telescope

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Type: Telescope
Colour: Red
Dimensions: W 34 x D 41 x H 47 cm
MPN: 320068
Brand: Zhumell

Zhumell Z114 114mm Reflector Dobsonian Telescope


Stunning Views With a Parabolic Mirror

The Zhumell Z114 Portable Reflector Telescope features a 114mm parabolic primary mirror, a high-end feature not usually found in telescopes of this size. The parabolic mirror removes visual defects like spherical aberration, providing noticeably sharper views. The primary mirror and all other optical surfaces are coated with Zhumell’s high-reflectivity coatings. You can count on more than 90 percent light transmission, for brighter views of even dim objects like nebulae.

You’ll also get two fully coated eyepieces: a 1.25” 17mm eyepiece for wide field views giving 26x and a 1.25” 10mm eyepiece for higher magnification giving 45x.


The Dobsonian That Goes Everywhere

The Z114’s mechanical design is simple and streamlined. A durable, sturdy construction means your Zhumell will stand up to years of use and travel. Thanks to its compact size and weight, you can confidently pack it along for camping trips, vacations, and more.

When you arrive at your observing site, the telescope comes together in seconds. Once you’re set up, swing the scope on its lazy susan-style mount toward your desired object. Center your target in the Red Dot Finderscope, you’re ready to view it through the eyepiece. Then, make small adjustments to smoothly track objects as they drift across the sky.

Whether you’re an experienced amateur astronomer or a brand new stargazer, the Zhumell Z114 is the perfect portable telescope.


Key Specifications

  • 114mm Reflector type telescope
  • Dobsonian type mount
  • Focal Length: 450mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/3.95
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror
  • 17mm Eyepiece 1.25” (26x)
  • 10mm Eyepiece 1.25” (45x)
  • Red Dot Finder included

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The Zhumell Z114 114mm Reflector Dobsonian Telescope was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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