How to lose face fat (6 proven ways)

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The question of how to lose face fat is one of the most searched questions regarding health and fitness because this problem is kind of severe and requires lots of effort to get resolved.

Face fat makes you look aged because it causes your face to look so chubby which is definitely not a good sign. It also makes people make a perception that you are fat even though if your body is slim.

There are many ways on which people try their hands to lose face fat but ultimately, they find it worthless.

Here, you will get to know about the 6 best as well as proven ways that are the answer to your question about how to lose face fat

  • Drink plenty of water

how to lose face fat

We all are aware of how important water is for our life like it's pretty impossible to survive without water.

Water improves metabolism which ultimately allows your body to burn the body fat fast because higher metabolic rates tend to improve the ability of the body to burn more fat that accumulated in our body by the consumption of the fat. This is how it also helps in losing face fat.

Drinking plenty of water also decreases the amount of sodium in our mouth cavity which is responsible for inflammation and puffiness. Most of our meals are salty and contain sodium that stays in our mouth and that causes fluid retention.

Fluid retention makes your face look puffy because sodium holds that and when you do gargle or drink plenty of water, the sodium content gets completely dissolved and that's how you get rid of the fluid retention and ultimately, your face gets in the slim shape.

If you have a puffy face then make sure you stay hydrated every time and gargle properly after anything you eat so that the sodium content gets completely dissolved because this is the way to lose face fat.

Make sure you drink one to one and a half litres of lukewarm water in the morning before brushing your teeth because the Slavia that you accumulate in your mouth cavity is good to improve your metabolism and it is also good for your stomach.

Also, keep a water bottle with yourself and keep talking a sip every 15 minutes so that you stay hydrated. This is how drinking plenty of water helps in losing face fat.

  •  Do exercise

how to lose face fat

Losing face fat is not as easy as people think so you need to put the effort from all the directions to get the best results.

If you are overweight then you need to lose fat from your entire body to lose face fat because the face itself comes in the body so you need to do some exercises/workouts that help you in losing the face fat fast.

You don't need to go to the gym to do exercises, you can do a couple of exercises at your home as you won't need any piece of equipment to get them done.

You can do the following exercises to burn the calories and fat-

  • Push ups
  • Crunches
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Squats

These are the exercises that can be done at home without a piece of equipment. All you need to do is to give at least 30 minutes to these exercises and you will see that you are losing the overall body fat which will also help you in losing face fat.

If you can't do these exercises then you may choose to do the cardio exercises such as running, swimming, jogging, or cycling. You can choose any of them as they all are equally effective.

Make sure you do the exercises daily to lose face fat fast.

  •  Facial exercises

Getting a slim, as well as a defined face, is not easy as it has been already mentioned and that's why you need to put proper efforts to achieve that.

There are a couple of facial exercises that you can do to lose face fat fast-

  • X-O face
  • Fish face
  • Balloon face
  • Sky kissing


These are some of the best exercises that you can do to lose face fat fast because these exercises create stress across your face that burns the fat in your face. When you burn the fat, you lose it.

All these 4 exercises are scientifically proven as the best exercises to lose the face fat. Here are the benefits of doing these facial exercises-

  1. It makes your cheeks get thinner as it creates stress over your cheek area.
  2. It creates the stress on your chin area and that way, you get rid of the double chin problem.
  3. It makes your jaw look more chiselled and defined and provides the strength to it.
  4. It also improves the blood flow across your face which helps you in getting rid of skin-related issues such as acne and skin inflammation.

You need to do these exercises twice a day for 10 minutes. You won't believe but if you keep doing these exercises, you will see a significant change in the shape of your face. In the morning, you can do these exercises after brushing your teeth in front of a mirror and then you can do it in the evening again.

You may feel pain and lots of stress while doing these facial exercises, but you need to keep going if you are serious about losing face fat fast.

  •  Massage your face

Just like exercising, massaging your face also helps in losing face fat fast because massage burns the face fat as it gets rubbed which creates the heat and pressure over your face.

Massage also promotes the proper flow of blood across your face that helps in slimming down your face and it also prevents your face from showing the ageing signs such as wrinkles and dull face.

You should massage your face twice a week properly so that you can get a slim face fast but make sure you give it some time as it would not work overnight.

You can use an oil or any moisturizer to massage your face. Make sure you also massage your chin area as the fat also gets accumulated right there. As it has numerous benefits so make sure you must do it. If you keep doing this, you will lose face fat within weeks.

  •  Reduce sodium consumption

If you have a fatty face and you love eating lots of junk food that contain a high amount of salt, then you need to stop.

As it is already mentioned that high consumption of sodium does the fluid retention in your mouth cavity which causes inflammation and puffiness in your face. You need to cut down the amount of sodium intake as it is not good for you if you are serious about losing face fat.

Eat some healthy foods so that your body stays hydrated as well as healthy because if you keep eating oily and junk foods then these ways would not work well. You need to do some abstain to see the results faster.

Also, if you are a person who uses more than enough salt in any food item then you need to develop a habit of consuming less salty foods so that your body does not get dehydrated. After every meal, make sure you do proper gargling to get rid of the excessive sodium content to be losing face fat.

  •  Reduce alcohol consumption

how to lose face fat

If you are a person who loves being intoxicated then you must need to get rid of it. Alcohol contains a very high amount of toxins that make you gain unwanted weight.

It creates the bloating issues in your face which makes your face puffy as well as bloated. Whether you drink beer or liquor, both things are not good for you if you are struggling in losing face fat and getting rid of overweight problems.

Try to make a significant reduction in the consumption of such beverages so that you can get rid of the face fat as well as body fat fast.


  • Bonus tip

Chew a gum every day. This is also a very good way to keep burning the face fat while doing anything. No matter what you are doing, just put gum in your mouth and start chewing it. Try to chew it a little faster so that you feel the pain across your face and cheek areas. Also, chew it from both sides so that you lose the face fat symmetrically.


  • Conclusion

All these ways are the answer to your question which is about how to lose face fat. The best thing about these ways is that they are backed by science, and they actually work.

There is no medication available to burn the fat and you should never buy any kind of supplement that claims to help you in losing face fat because fat only goes when you go with the proper eating as well as exercise habits.

Make sure you follow each and everything properly as well as regularly to lose face fat fast because there's no shortcut to lose it and to get a slim face, you got to put proper efforts.

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