Foods to eat for weight gain (7 best foods)

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Gaining weight is also as tough as losing weight for some people because you require to fill your body with the right food for healthy weight gain.

You must be here with a question on what foods to eat for weight gain and here you will get to know about the 7 best foods that you can go to gain healthy weight.
These foods are backed by science as weight gain foods and if you consume them, you will see the results.

So here are those 7 best foods to eat for weight gain


Potatoes are one of the best foods for weight gain because it contains a very high amount of carbs that are good for healthy weight gain.

It is known that 100 grams of potato contain 17 grams of carbs and 77 calories. Also, they are rich in other essential nutrients that are good for your body.
If you consume a good amount of potato in the form of veggie then you will gain a significant amount of weight but make sure you don't consume potato chips to gain weight faster because they contain saturated fat which is not good for your body and you will end up gaining fat.
Simply fry them in ghee, olive, or mustard oil and consume twice a day.


The egg is the richest lean protein foods as it contains a very high amount of protein and calories that are good for muscle gain in your body.
The muscular body is better than accumulating lots of fat in your body and that's what you get when you eat eggs. As the egg is a vegetarian source of lean protein so you can have it.
It is known that 100 grams of eggs contain 13 grams of protein and 155 calories and that's why it is a lean protein food because the ratio of protein is higher than carbs and fat.
You should consume the eggs raw. Don't fry it because it decreases the quality of your egg. Simply boil it, pop it up, and consume with table salt.
Make sure you must consume egg as it is among the best foods to eat for weight gain.

Cottage cheese

Just like other foods, cottage cheese is also a very good food to eat for weight gain. It is a dairy product as it is made of milk.
100 grams of cottage cheese contains 100 grams of calories and 11 grams of protein and it is already mentioned that protein is a muscle-building nutrient and it must be consumed to gain healthy weight.
You can consume the cheese in the form of veggie or you may choose to consume it raw with black salt.

Protein shake  & weight gain shakes

A protein shake is one of the best sources of lean protein. It is made of whey which is obtained from milk.
Protein shake doesn't have any kind of side effects if you consume it in the right way. An average of 30 grams of lean protein is found in one scoop of protein powder.
The protein powder should be isolated and when you buy it, keep this thing in your mind. It has a very high amount of protein content.
Make sure you don't consume it in a very high amount as it will affect your digestion and also make sure that you do some exercise or cardio before consuming it. If you do so, it will work even faster.
You can consume it with or water.


Banana is the most favourite food of athletes and fitness freaks for some good reason.
Banana is packed with a very high amount of carbs which is very good for gaining weight.
It is known that 100 grams of banana contains 23 grams of carbs and 89 calories and the weight of an average banana is 115 grams.
If you consume 5-6 bananas a day, that is more than enough to gain weight. Banana makes you gain weight faster if you prepare its shake by adding milk and that's why it is one of the best foods to eat for weight gain.
Milk is also a very good food but some people are unable to digest it and that's why you need to consume it with banana.
You can have this shake in your breakfast.


Chickpea is a very high nutritional food and it is best for weight gain.
Chickpea is one of the best lentils because they are the richest in protein among all of them.
100 grams of chickpeas contains 365 calories, 61 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of lean protein.
You must consume chickpeas if you are a vegetarian as it is the
Best for gaining healthy weight.
You can simply cook it and consume it with chapati or rice as your night meal.


Nuts are known as superfoods because they are rich in many essential nutrients and if you are a person who struggles in gaining weight then you must consume it.
Cashew, almonds, peanut, pistachio, raisin, and walnut are the best nuts that you can consume to gain weight fast.
100 grams of nuts contain approx 600 calories, 21 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of protein which is amazing.
Nuts have always been the best foods to eat for weight gain and to improve your immunity and stamina. They also boost the testosterone hormone which is the best male hormone and that way, the tendency of your body to gain more muscle increases.

Tip- Do some home exercises such as push-ups, burpees, squats if you want to see the result faster because when you do so, your muscles get broken down, and that way you gain more muscles because you consume protein foods and this is how you gain lean muscles weight.


So these are the best foods to gain weight fast. Make sure you consume them as they are the best foods to eat for weight gain. Anyone who wants to gain weight can go for these foods. They are the best and also easily available.

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